Let’s talk Hashtags – Here are our top tips

You may already know that using hashtags in your social media posts is important. It increases the reach of your posts and allows you to target specific groups, keywords and topics. However, using hashtags incorrectly can have the opposite effect. It creates confusion, puts off your audience and can turn your posts into spam that gets ignored. So, how exactly should you use hashtags for the best results? We have some golden tips!

Hashtag Top Tips

  1. Use hashtags to find your ideal clients, rather than for your industry. By using the hashtags within your industry, you are only going to attract people and businesses similar to yourself, rather than clients.
  • Write your ideal client down on paper so you know exactly who they are. What sex are they, what do they do, what age and what do they like and dislike? When you know who they are you can reach them by using the hashtags they would use.
  • Research hashtags before you use them. If you have a small following, avoid using hashtags that are used 1000’s of times. Instead, use hashtags with a lower use. This is because hashtags with a high following/use means super competition, and when you only have a small following, your posts will get lost among the crowd. Only those with huge followings are going to appear at the top. Using less common, but relevant, hashtags will help your posts stand out.
  • Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags within a post. That is a lot, but if it’s there you might as well use it! Using a good variety of hashtags increases the chances of your posts being found. For Instagram, using hashtags in your bio is not effective. Instead, it is better to use this space to tell your clients what you do, how you do it and who you help.
  • Try to keep most hashtags at the end of the post, as using them within your text makes it confusing to read. When faced with a piece of text full of hashtags, it can look like a jumble of spam, so many readers simply skip onto the next post. By placing the majority of hashtags at the end, you are providing a reader-friendly post that people are more likely to take notice of.
  • Don’t use the same hashtags over and over in your posts. Doing this may raise a red flag to some platforms and your account may be penalised. This means you won’t appear in search results when people use those hashtags.
  • Use hashtags to network and build relationships with your ideal client. For example you may create a brand hashtag to help build a community. Having a community of people sharing your posts, commenting and reusing your brand hashtag will help grow engagement and bring even more community members to your social media.

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