How often should I be posting on social media?

Social media is a key tool for any business. It provides a way to communicate with potential customers, helps create fans for your brand, and also shows emerging market trends. A good following on social media, with plenty of comments on posts, acts as proof that your brand is the hottest thing around. But, navigating the world of social media can be tricky to get right. Too many posts may put off your audience, too few and your pages look drier than a desert. So, how often should you post on social media? This guide gives you some top tips!

Know your Audience

How frequently you post online should match the ‘energy’ of your audience. If your audience is very active on social media, then multiple daily posts may work best, whereas if your audience check their accounts less frequently, posting once or twice per week may be better.

Knowing when your audience are most likely to be online is also key to getting your brand seen. Find out what times of day your audience uses social media, and make sure your brand is there with something valuable to say.

What is a good Posting Schedule?

Rather than setting a schedule of posting a set amount per day or week, it is much better to post content that has actual value to your audience, rather than posting for the sake of it. Valuable content could be news of special offers, discounts, or helpful advice on how to solve a problem. Posts that have value keep your audience coming back for more, whereas posts that lack value may see engagement levels drop.

When deciding on a posting schedule, timing is important. If your audience works during the day, a lunchtime post may get more views as they browse during their break. Or, an afternoon post may work better for stay-at-home mums, as many young children’s groups and activities take place in the mornings.


There’s much conflicting advice out there about how often you should post on social media, but one way to gauge the right amount is to do some testing. Experiment with posting valuable information at different times during the day, and vary the frequency. Although testing in this way can take time, it is worth doing. When you see a spike in engagement, you may have found the perfect ratio.

Once you know the right times to post, be consistent. Fans of your brand will know that when they visit your page, there will be something fresh to see, whether it is four times per day, or three times per week!

When working out how often to post on social media, it is important to understand there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. What works for one brand may not work for another, and each brand’s goals may be different. Whether it is to increase traffic to your website or build up a following, focusing on quality over quantity, and being consistent, will begin to get results.

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