Have you considered a career in Marketing? We talk about the WHAT, WHY and HOW!

If you are at the beginning of your career or looking for a change, marketing is a great option. It is an industry that’s going from strength to strength, especially in the digital space. With the opportunity to diversify in the areas you enjoy most, marketing is a career that is fun, interesting and rewarding! Here’s everything you need to know if you are considering a career in marketing.

What is Marketing?

In its most basic form, marketing is simply the methods businesses use to promote and sell products and services. This includes conducting research into who exactly is buying from them, known as the market, and also advertising in the right way to make them want to spend money!

Traditional marketing includes promotional events and advertising campaigns using flyers, posters and articles in print, however there is a growing demand for digital marketing. This includes creating content for websites and blogs, social media and email campaigns.

Why Marketing is a Great Career Choice

Marketing is a good career choice because it suits a broad skill base. If you love writing, you could create engaging blog posts for a top brand. If analytical skills are your best asset, you may be able to study the channels that an audience comes from. Are you a people person? Engaging with customers via social media may be your thing.

Marketing is fun, and when you are have an interesting and varied role, it doesn’t feel like work!

How to get a Marketing Job

There are many ways you can begin a career in marketing. You could study a relevant subject at higher education, or begin with an entry level job with training. More often than not, employers will favour someone with a genuine passion for the job and willingness to be trained, over someone who has a formal qualification but no experience.

If you don’t have formal qualifications or experience, build up a portfolio of samples to demonstrate your enthusiasm. This could be some blog posts you’ve written, or proof of some causes you have championed on social media. You could also start your own blog as a live example of your skills.

Many skills from other jobs are transferrable to marketing, so if you are considering a change mid-way through your career, marketing is a good option.

Marketing is ever-changing, and this is part of what makes it an exciting career. Over time, interest and demand for products and services change, and effective marketing is there to meet it. This puts anyone who works in marketing at the forefront of many social, economic and ecological issues that affect businesses and their customers, and gives them the opportunity to bring about positive changes. Who knew marketing could get so deep!

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