Are you Listening to your Audience?

Have you noticed that customer interaction with your business has taken a downward turn? Or perhaps your blog posts are getting fewer comments, or you social media posts have fewer shares than before. Often, it is all too easy to carry on doing the same methods to engage with an audience, that we forget to really listen. Here’s how to make sure you are listening to your audience and the benefits of doing so for your business.

Interaction is Key

Don’t be passive on social media! So many brands simply put out a post and then do nothing. When the comments begin to flow in, reply to the ones that ask questions and that show appreciation for your brand. You can also ask your own questions, such as what new products your customers would like to see, or how you could make your customer service even better.

Make sure your website has an email list that fans of your brand can subscribe to. This gives you the opportunity to ask direct questions and receive responses of a more personal nature. For example, if you are a health and beauty brand, some of your audience might not want to discuss things in the public eye, but will be happy to open up more in an email.

Using different channels to communicate with your audience gets more results. When you have an ongoing conversation with your audience, it means you really understand their needs and are in a position to serve them better.

Competitive Edge

When you understand your audience, you can create products, run promotions and deals that you know they will like! When customers feel listened to, they are more likely to become repeat buyers and champions of your brand, giving you the edge over your competition.

Business Growth

Listening to your audience and knowing what they want and need from your business helps you plan for the future. You might create a new avenue of growth based on feedback from your audience, or you may improve the products and services you already offer by tweaking them to make them more relevant and valuable.

Not only that, but having social proof that your business is one that listens and connects to its audience has the fantastic effect of drawing more people to check out your website and see what it’s about. The result? You gain even more customers that trust your brand!

Putting it all Together…

Consolidating all the information from your audience, be it from social media, blog post comments or replies to emails, can be as simple as recording comments in a spreadsheet. This gives you an overview of what your audience wants and needs, and allows you to spot trends, and fill those gaps in the market.

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